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The 15minute Blog Post

Realizing that I haven’t touched this blog in far too long (actually I have about eight drafts that I haven’t finished writing), I figured that I would try a new technique of sitting down to write a blog post and only allotting myself 15 minutes to do so. I have a big issue with reading other bloggers, leaders and writers that (seem) to have profound things to say with each post (and they post at some ridiculous rate) which then paralyzes me and keeps me from writing for fear of having nothing profound to say.

I want to change that and get the creative juices flowing again!

So from this point forward, I hereby declare that Wednesday will now be known as THE 15 MINUTE BLOG POST DAY!

A few things that as parents that you need a heads up about:

  • Soccer Camp – it’s back! July 8-12 from 8:30am-12:30pm we are hosting another soccer camp! Registration opens on March 10, it costs $40/child and that includes a shirt, ball, water bottle, daily snack, and all materials for the week. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this! Space is limited so be sure to register early!
  • Good Friday – This year, we have our nursery open, as well as a great program for Preschool through grade 3. If you’ve put off coming to Good Friday in other years, you’ll want to be here on March 29th at 11am.
  • Are you creative? – Kids Rock Ministry is looking for some creative types to help with various ideas and projects we are tackling. We need help with painting and designing sets, stages, promotions, graphic design, music, video editing/filming, crafts, etc! If don’t fancy yourself great with kids, but have a creative streak, partnering with this ministry and working from your strengths makes Kids Rock soooooooo much better! Please email, phone or comment on this post if you’re interested in hearing more!

My 15 minutes is up! That wasn’t so bad.


What a GREAT week!

PAC Kids Rock is putting the wraps on the first-ever High Power Soccer camp! This past week saw 33 kids come and learn soccer fundamentals, new songs, hear about Jesus and make some new friends! We were blessed with fantastic weather, great attitudes and a team of coaches that I can’t say enough good things about!

Here is a little video and some pictures taken from the week! If you weren’t able to participate this year, you will want to make it a priority to be a part of it next year!

Soccer Camp is Approaching!

High Power SoccerIt seemed like just yesterday that I was longing for spring, and now summer is here!  Time keeps on flying by! Kids are out of school now, and for many of you, I’m sure that the phrase, “I’m bored,” has already left your kids lips!

Fear not!

July 30 – August 3, PAC Kids Rock is hosting our first ever soccer camp! This will be a great time where kids will get to learn teamwork, soccer skills and drills, and most importantly, they will learn about the great news of Jesus’ gospel!

WHO: Kids aged 5-12
WHAT: Soccer Day Camp
WHERE: Portage Alliance Church
WHEN: July 30 – August 3, 9am-noon daily
HOW (much): $50

Registration begin THIS SUNDAY, July 1, in the church lobby!  There is also going to be a registration day on Tuesday July 10 from 5pm-8pm at the church.  Spread the word, invite your friends, register soon because space is limited!

Soapbox time…

I love Jesus! I love working with children and families! I love being able to tell children and families about Jesus! I love that there is wealth of great product from great companies made by great people to help children’s ministry workers tell kids and families about Jesus!


I am sick of the narrow view of the Gospel that so many of these people/companies/products promote!  Far too often, the Gospel that is presented is a one – two punch with the goal of 1) getting kids to heaven and 2) sin management. While yes, the good news of the Gospel does include the benefit of being with Jesus eternally in heaven (and earth… the same thing?) and the Gospel does compel us to change our behaviour, that understanding of the Gospel is cheap, watered down version of the life abundant that Jesus offers!

The blind regaining sight, the oppressed set free, the captives released, experiencing the presence of Jesus in your life today also needs to be preached to kids! (See Luke 4:16-22) Prayer isn’t just the way to get to heaven, its the way we can commune with Jesus, be changed, and have things changed. It’s how we are able to live in the Kingdom of God that is already here!

Sin management does not produce life change – life change through Jesus produces action in our lives and reduces our natural reaction of sinning to a reaction that glorifies God.

“You win them to what you win them with”

I want to win kids to Christ with the message that Jesus is able to heal, release and set them free from the world that offers them empty dreams and destructive relationships. That is when, I think, we will see a powerful transformation in the lives of kids and their families.

I pray that we get to see ridiculous amounts of spiritual fruit in the lives of the kids who attend PAC Kids Rock!