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How to make sure your kid is unsocial

Relationships are scary. You have to look people in the eye, talk to them, choose your words carefully, and perhaps they might see right through your defenses and shine a spotlight on areas of your life you’re insecure about. Or just flat out not like you. It is far easier to retreat and become unsocial – especially behind tech. Here are some sure fire ways you can make sure your child is unsocial.

  • Never put your phone away!
    You kids will quickly learn that hiding behind a tiny screen is always more important than the people around you. There is comfort in the soft glow of an LCD screen, and if a conversation becomes too awkward or if you just don’t want to engage people around you, you can always check the more important things like Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter or your text messages.
  • Fortify their bedroom
    Make sure that your child has a TV in their room – better yet, a gaming system – so that their own space can be their retreat from the world that wants to engage them. They can always socialize with nOObs that they’re pwning on CoD at 2am from the safety of their own bedroom. Make sure they have full cable access as well as Netflix so they can immerse themselves in cultured TV shows without you having to supervise.
  • Teach them to fear the world
    There are all sorts of people who might hurt your child – their feelings, their body, their mind – make sure that you reinforce through your actions that people are not to be trusted. A 3DS is a better companion than that kid down the street that you don’t know. However, make sure that they don’t read 2 Timothy 1:7
  • Never challenge them
    Make sure that you never challenge them to do something they don’t want to do – it’ll only give them confidence to succeed in all areas of life if they overcome this obstacle. Keep them free from encountering success, and you’ll help reinforce that being social is too much of a risk and that it is easier to retreat when faced with something you don’t want to do.

Remember, your kids are looking to you for how to interact with the world. Be sure to teach these principles through you own actions, and you’ll be sure to reap the harvest that you have sown!


Poll: Does your preteen have a Facebook account?

Based on a study by Bloomberg Business Week, Facebook is considering opening up their platform to include preteens.  A quote from the article says,

Facebook (FB), the world’s largest social network, is exploring whether to open its site to kids, according to Bloomberg News. Doing so could help the company tap a new population of potential members. Facebook needs the help: It already has reached almost 1 billion members, and a recent report byComScore (SCOR) says the social network’s growth has slowed dramatically—a warning sign for some investors. Allowing preteens to create profiles would introduce a valuable new demographic for advertisers to reach.

So, what are your thoughts on this?


One of the Best Things I’ve Done

Back on July 13th, I did something that I have never once regretted – turned off the notifications on my iPhone.

The only notification, save phone calls, that I did keep on was the text tone (which is a pretty sweet Super Mario theme!). It has totally freed me from being a slave to my phone.  Once I did get over the 1 or 2 day ‘detox’ I found that I was able to put my phone down on the counter and not be consumed with what Facebook comment, Twitter mention, work email or game request I might miss and be able to engage with my wife and kids for an evening.

If you haven’t turned off your notifications, you are really missing out on the freedom from our awesome technology!

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Slave to the iPhone

I love my iPhone! I have all sorts of really great excuses that I use to justify the expense of purchasing and having one… and if you own one, I’m sure you do too!

Our smart phones are now so much a part of our life, there is a race to see who can develop the best method for turning it into your wallet for all sorts of payments and keep your virtual club cards in it. My kids use it for games….. and sometimes I might too…. and like most of you, I use it heavily for work too.

The shadow side of this great technology is that it can so easily consume us.  It doesn’t take much to recall the person who can’t put their phone down and who have a permanent kink in their neck from keeping their nose buried in it. I came to a realization that it was affecting my own family when my kids or wife were always put on hold whenever a new notification chimed (using retro Super Mario sounds, no less!). I was sending messages to them that they are less important than a email, new tweet or Facebook comment because

of how quickly I jumped to the attention of my master, the iPhone.

No longer am I wondering what that email says, peeking at tweets or wondering who liked a lame FB post I thought was witty. I have found that work stays at work and I am able to play with my kids without being tempted to check my phone all the time.  I have done one thing that has increased productivity at work, reduced stress, and allowed me to be present in mind as well as body with my family – turned off sound and banner notifications!

Try it out! Once your past the narcissistic withdrawal and stress of ‘not being connected’, you’ll find that you actually love being connected with the family right in front of you!

An App That You Need

Hey parents – here is an app that you need to pick up if you have your children in PAC Kids Rock ministry, in our K-3 class or the preschool class!  You’ll hear me pushing you to gt this app a lot – so it’s in your best interest to pick it up today! Watch the video and then download it today!

Screen Rage… Do you have it?

A similar tie-in to my previous post about how when my iPad is everything, it ends up being nothing, here is a great article about our obsessive behavior with our glowing devices. Ever been frustrated when your kids are trying to get your attention while your on your iWhatever? Or have a hard time getting your kids of your iWhatever? You have to read this article!

Screen Rage


When something is everything, it ends up being nothing

I am kinda a tech-nut. I frequent many tech blogs, try to know the jargon, the specs and year-to-year improvements over the previous models. I know just enough tech stuff to really screw up the tech toys that I play with. Currently, I have an iPhone and use an iPad at work – and I really do love these devices – how they are made, their aesthetics, and their functionality have impressed me and captured much of the Western world.

My iPad fills many different roles – I use it for work emails, blog posts like this one, sermon planning, organizing many different notes in Evernote. I use it for games, subscribing to a few different magazines, playing games, watching Netflix, catching up on Twitter and Facebook and much more!

I also have a few bible apps – Glo Bible and YouVersion, primarily. But what I have found is that when I have a device that is everything for me – creatively, educational and for leisure – all of those areas, for me, are somehow cheapened.
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