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How to make sure your kid is unsocial

Relationships are scary. You have to look people in the eye, talk to them, choose your words carefully, and perhaps they might see right through your defenses and shine a spotlight on areas of your life you’re insecure about. Or just flat out not like you. It is far easier to retreat and become unsocial – especially behind tech. Here are some sure fire ways you can make sure your child is unsocial.

  • Never put your phone away!
    You kids will quickly learn that hiding behind a tiny screen is always more important than the people around you. There is comfort in the soft glow of an LCD screen, and if a conversation becomes too awkward or if you just don’t want to engage people around you, you can always check the more important things like Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter or your text messages.
  • Fortify their bedroom
    Make sure that your child has a TV in their room – better yet, a gaming system – so that their own space can be their retreat from the world that wants to engage them. They can always socialize with nOObs that they’re pwning on CoD at 2am from the safety of their own bedroom. Make sure they have full cable access as well as Netflix so they can immerse themselves in cultured TV shows without you having to supervise.
  • Teach them to fear the world
    There are all sorts of people who might hurt your child – their feelings, their body, their mind – make sure that you reinforce through your actions that people are not to be trusted. A 3DS is a better companion than that kid down the street that you don’t know. However, make sure that they don’t read 2 Timothy 1:7
  • Never challenge them
    Make sure that you never challenge them to do something they don’t want to do – it’ll only give them confidence to succeed in all areas of life if they overcome this obstacle. Keep them free from encountering success, and you’ll help reinforce that being social is too much of a risk and that it is easier to retreat when faced with something you don’t want to do.

Remember, your kids are looking to you for how to interact with the world. Be sure to teach these principles through you own actions, and you’ll be sure to reap the harvest that you have sown!


Lessons that stick

We have been using a curriculum series in the K-3 class for the past 8 weeks or so that always has the “Big Idea” in it. It is the common theme that runs through each lesson so when someone says, “Hey! What’s the Big Idea?” all the kids will jump to their feet and say what the big idea is, including the actions.

I taught a bunch of these past lessons and I get to put to practice one of these big ideas with my kids these past couple days. The series was P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) and the lesson I was teaching was how to pray when you’re scared. A nightmare the other night woke up my middle child and we have had fear issues at bedtime since then and I have had the opportunity to help teach her and her sister how to pray when they are scared – essentially word-for-word from that lesson. The Big Idea that day was “Never fear, Jesus is here!” and the Power Verse was 2 Timothy 1:7 which says “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.”

I have prayed that verse out loud over my girls quite a few times and have done my best to assure them that Jesus cares enough about them and is big enough to get rid of their fear. Next time a nightmare of fear grips your child, be sure to reference these truths and teach them to your child as early as possible! What a gift to be able to know this truth at an early age!

I firmly believe that the nightmare and fear is nothing short of a spiritual attack on my family. My wife and I were both dwelling on and feeling spiritual ‘pressure’ on our thoughts and lives, but we have been able to recognize what this is and pray against it, knowing that these attacks are only beneficial at derailing out connection with God and our effectiveness in our faith. While dealing with a scared little girl is never a fun time, I am grateful that it has given me an opportunity to teach my girls how they can pray when they are scared. They also get to see my wife and I pray over them, fully trusting in the power of Jesus. I pray this is a life lesson that sticks with them as they get older!