First Time Here?

Welcome to Portage Alliance Church!  We are happy that you are here and we want to do the best we can to make you feel welcomed!  We offer children’s care and church, always age appropriate, up to grade 6.  We are happy that you are here and are entrusting the care of your children to us.  Rest assured that we take your child’s safety very seriously.  All of our children’s workers are screen multiple times and provided training of our safety procedures in accordance with Plan to Protect ®.

When you first come to Kids Rock, please venture down the “green hallway” (you really can’t miss it!) where you’ll be welcomed by our registration team that will enter you and your child’s information into our electronic attendance system.  This takes 5-6 minutes to complete, but once done, future check-ins take a family 10-14seconds.  Your child will receive a name tag with a randomly generated 3-digit code for that Sunday that will list any allergies, and their age.  As a parent, you will also receive a sticker with the matching 3-digit code that is required to pick up your child and prevent any unauthorized person from picking up your kids.

Your family will have constant pager number that will allow you to be notified during the service via our pager system if there is any trouble that you as a parent need to be called for (inconsolable child in the nursery, an accident or emergency).


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