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What Hill Do You Die On?

My children are 6, 4, and 2 years old. All of them are starting to challenge their boundaries; finding out just how much they can get away with. This leads to many frustrating situations as a parent, to say the least! There seems to be two options for my wife and I when faced with a child begins to push boundaries:

  1. Create and enforce more rules to make the child adhere to
  2. Choose what hills we will die on

Our default can often be the former; we get frustrated that supper time is chaotic so we begin to create more rules in an attempt to create order. Things like: You’re allowed 3-sips of milk, no more!, then you must eat one fork-full (a WHOLE fork-full) of veggies, then you may have 1-sip of milk, followed by two bites of meat.

All of a sudden, little Jimmy decides to chug his milk without taking a single bite of veggies, and because we’ve had a long day, we can lose our cool!

The latter option is the foundation that your family needs in order to create a set of family values, rules, and ultimately help determine who your child will be as they grow up.

For instance, one of the hills that Joanne and I will die on is respect. Respect is vital for the development of a healthy relationship in society. It is demanded at school, the workplace, on teams, and most importantly, our relationship with God. This means that we stop making little rules that seek behavior modification (like hair cuts, clothes choices that don’t match,  and start defining our family rules based on respect.

Respect means that you eat whatever is put before you at supper time.
Respect means that you talk in a tone that doesn’t hurt other people.
Respect means that when you don’t get your way, you don’t throw a temper-tantrum
Respect means that you look someone in the eye when speaking to them
Respect means you don’t wreck your toys

What hills are you going to die on (hint: you can’t die on them all!)

Parents & Kids Baptism Class!

***UPDATE*** The Date has been changed to MARCH 6 ***UPDATE***

Attention parents of preteens!  You don’t want to miss this!

Chances are that if your preteen child has been attending their class in PAC Kids Rock, they will have witnessed one or more of our baptisms that we do here at PAC.  Often if it is a baptism Sunday, our curriculum planned for the day gets put on hold, the whole class comes into the gym for worship and to take in the baptisms.  Afterwards, they head back to their class and debrief about it.

This continues to be a discussion starter, and a highlight for teachers and kids.  As a parent, you may have already started getting questions from your kids about baptism, what it means, if they can do it, or when they can do it.  That’s why I am so excited to announce that we are offering a Parents & Kids baptism class where we will give you and your preteen a chance to learn about baptism together, discuss what it means and if your child is ready to be baptized.  This is something that you don’t want to miss!

Who: Preteens and their parentsWhat: Baptism class
When: TUESDAY MARCH 6 @ 7pm
Where: The church
Why: because as a parent, you are more in tune with your child’s spiritual development than anyone else and we believe that all Christians need to be baptized

Please share this with other parents of preteens!

Another video update

I know, I know… I’m getting quite terrible at doing these on a regular basis – but here is the most recent video update!

Don’t forget that December 24 @ 7pm is Carols by Candlelight – bring your kids, family and friends! It is going to be great!

There is church on December 25 @ 11am – and there will be programming for children up to age 4

Video Update!

Your video update for Oct. 16!

Thanksgiving Banquet Today!

Parents, don’t forget that at 5pm tonight PAC is having our annual Thanksgiving Banquet!  This is a great time to come out and celebrate and give thanks for the things that God is doing in our church, our families and city!  The banquet has something for everyone and after the food has been eaten and some songs have been sung, children from K-6 will be treated to Christian Illusionist, Gord Gilbey for the rest of the evening.  Be sure to arrive early to get a seat and check your child in.  There will be supervision and activities for children in nursery and preschool.  I hope to see you there!

Another Jesus Storybook Bible Giveaway

Can’t say it enough, the Jesus Storybook Bible is fantastic! Subscribe to the blog for your chance to win one every month! The September winner was Mandy Ralph, this time it goes to blogger and all-round nice guy (I’m assuming, anyway) Joshua Kellar! Check out his blog here, follow him on twitter here and give him a high-five for the sweet winnings. You could be next, just click subscribe and I’ll make a draw in November.  Josh, send me your contact info for shipping.